Reed Neighborhood News

We certainly hope you are all doing well at home during the Governor’s Executive Order to stay home. Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns that we may be able to help with. Below are a few updates that may be of interest to you:

COVID-19 Emergency Relief Resources for PDX (and beyond)

Update From Reed College:
Reed community safety reports that people are not leashing their dogs and it’s creating a lot of problems. They only have essential employees working on campus right now, and they are not staffed to handle such problems. We want to help keep the campus open, please leash all dogs!!!

Like most colleges, Reed has moved classes online for the rest of the semester. There are still about 150 students living in dorms, so they do have essential staff to tend to maintenance, food service, health and wellness, and security. At this point, they have cancelled Renn Fayre, but have not yet cancelled commencement or reunions, but those decisions will be coming very soon. So campus will be pretty quiet for the remainder of the year. 

They hope to keep the campus open as a public space, but can only do so if everyone adheres to the Governor’s Executive Order. All guests on Reed’s grounds must strictly adhere to social distancing guidelines and maintain a distance of at least 6-feet from other visitors. Co-habitating folks can group together, but groups or individuals cannot come within 6 feet of each other. This is obviously easier in some places more than others — Those walking through the narrow paths of the canyon need to be especially courteous when passing slower groups/people or when approaching from opposite directions. Per the Governor’s order, there will be signs around campus to remind people of the social distancing guidelines.

We are very lucky to have such a beautiful green space available right now. Thank you Reed College, for keeping your campus open!

Hopworks Takeout & Beer To-Go in the Neighborhood

Hopworks Urban Brewery, up on SE Powell currently has takeout beer to-go and keg specials running at Hopworks during this 4 week order from the governor.

For details:

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