Clarification on Proposed City land uses

Hello Reed Neighborhood, 

As many of you have emailed me recently about the piece of mail you have received from the City of Portland I wanted to be clear on what zoning changes are currently being proposed in our neighborhood.  There are two proposals that the City of Portland, Bureau of Planning and Sustainability is considering for the upcoming Comprehensive Plan.  Both of these proposals came from the Reed Neighborhood Association (RNA) and have been voted on (and unanimously passed) by the neighborhood during meetings over the past several years.  The RNA supports these changes to the zoning.  If you voted for further protection of the neighborhood and are against lot splitting then you should also seriously consider supporting these changes.
I’ll describe in detail the changes at the end of this email.  First I want to encourage you to visit the Cities Map App and comment – one way or the other.  This is a critical step to letting the City know how we feel about the proposals.  In particular the zone change between Schiller and Raymond is facing an uphill battle and needs major support to be adopted.  I’m seeing very little in the way of comments on the website – especially compared to some of our neighbors.  Now is the time, please go and comment!
In case there is confusion, here is how you comment:
1. Click ‘View the Map’
2. Zoom into our neighborhood either with the +/- symbol or with the wheel on your mouse
3. Click on the orange box surrounding our neighborhood – there are two separate ones.  You can and should comment on both.
4. Click on ‘Add / View Comments’
5. Click on the + symbol and type your comment
The details:  The verbage on these is confusing.  There are two proposals and while they are both referred to as ‘changes’ in reality the end result of adoption would be that our neighborhood would be better protected from lot splitting and tear downs and thus would remain intact and looking like it does today.
Simply put an R7 neighborhood allows / requires larger lots and less density.  The portion of Reedwood from Steele to Raymond was built as an R7 zone and has always been an R7 zone.  During the last comp. plan in the mid ’80s the City targeted this area to be turned into an R5 – a more dense neighborhood zoning.  The first proposal currently being considered is to keep the R7 in place for Reedwood between Steele and Raymond.  Support of the proposed ‘change’ would keep the existing R7.
The second proposal is for the area of Reedwood between Raymond and Schiller.  Currently that area is an R5 neighborhood and as a result has been subject to the 2 big Renaissance Homes projects that have torn down 2 ranch houses and replaced them with 5 much taller houses.  If you walk down Raymond street you can see that both sides of the street are the same neighborhood.  The houses were all built at the same time and share many characteristics.  In my opinion – and in the opinion of many in the neighborhood – there is no reason for different zones on each side.  Thus the proposed change in this area is for the zoning to be changed from the R5 to the R7 for a more cohesive Reedwood.  If you agree with this notion you should voice your support for the proposal.  As I mentioned this proposal is an uphill battle and the city really needs to hear from us (again).
If anyone has any more detailed questions or wants to see some of the data on the areas please feel free to email me.
Thanks and hope to see you all at the upcoming picnic.

Gabriel Headrick, AIA
Steelhead Architecture l c. 503.348.8874