Parks and Recreation

Reed Neighborhood borders on Kenilworth Park, at 34th and Holgate. Featuring a natural topography, it includes paved paths; picnic tables; a playground; softball, tennis, and volleyball courts, a wading pool and splash pad; and disabled access to play areas and restroom facilities.

Crystal Springs Rhododendron Garden, located on 28th, north of Woodstock is a unique seven-acre garden featuring not only fabulous rhododendrons and azaleas, but many other trees and plants, as well as over 94 species of birds, all in the natural setting of Crystal Springs Lake.

The Reed College Canyon, bordering Reed Neighborhood to the south, and with walking trails, is 26 acres of wildlife habitat, identified as “the only naturally occurring pond (or lake) remaining in the inner-city area.” It includes Crystal Springs, with water from an underground aquifer, flowing to the lake, which is habitat to many protected wildlife species; a fish ladder, built to reestablish fish migration; and Crystal Springs Creek which flows west through campus into Crystal Springs Lake, and on to Johnson Creek and the Willamette River. Reed invites volunteers from the community to join in on Canyon Day to plant native trees and shrubs and restore the canyon to its original, pre-agriculture ecosystem.