New RNA Board for 2017/18

Newly elected RNA Board members - June 9, 2017
Newly elected RNA Board – June 9, 2017

New Reed Neighborhood Association Board was elected as of June 9th 2017.

Back row: Bill Denham, Anne Tillinghast, Mark Gillette, Alan Balderson; Front row: Michelle Maida, James Hager, Gina Ensunsa, Nadyne Rosin, Ronald Rosin.

Monthly Board meeting will be held every second Tuesday of the month at the Reed College Performing Arts Building, room 131 from 7:00 pm to 8:30 pm.


Volunteer for dump the junk!

This weekend is the annual neighborhood clean-up with Creston-Kenilworth Neighborhood Association and we could still use more volunteers.  Come help us out and you can dump for free!  Such a deal.  A few hours for the joy of being relieved of the stuff that is holding you back and taking up unnecessary space in your garage/basement/attic/house/car, you name it.  Email me if you can volunteer a shift (or two).  Hope to see you there!

2015 flyer (1)-page-001

Let’s get ready to paint!

cans of paint? check.
rollers, paint brushes, paint pans and other painting supplies? check.
block party permit? check.
Let’s see, what are we missing…Oh I know that one key, essential element: YOU!

The Mermaid on a Unicycle is ready to painted and she needs helping hands of neighbors near and far. Those who live in Reed and those who like Reed and those who like mermaids (or those who like unicycles, or chickens in baskets on a unicycles…) Whatever attracts you to our street painting is personal to you, we simply need you to come out and help and join in the FUN!

We have some painting supplies, but if you have more, please feel free to bring them (rollers, brushes, paint pans, you name it, I’m sure we can make use of it).

We will be starting the festivities of fun at 9:00 am but whenever you want to show up to lend a hand is cool. Come, bring a dish to share and mingle with your neighbors. Maybe you’ll learn something new as well, like perhaps how to build one of those little libraries you see popping up all over town (I’ve asked that someone from Village Building Convergence teach how to build those to those who attend the intersection painting).

We will provide refreshments and fun and you can help be a part of this first ever intersection painting in the Reed Neighborhood (hopefully, the first of more to come). But, you’ll be able to say: I was there for the FIRST one. And that carries great historical significance. Such memories (cue up the Barbara Streisand song…not a sound from the pavement, has moon lost her memory…I digress).

At any rate, here are the deets my peeps

When: Saturday, July 11, 2015

Where: SE 28th Place & SE Pardee St.

Time: 9:00 am until the mermaid on the unicycle is done

Bring a dish to share and we’ll provide refreshments & fun, fun, FUN!

Hope to see you there!

Updates from the Neighborhood Chair

So my peeps!

Here’s what’s going on.
The neighborhood clean-up was a complete and total success, thanks to you!  You should all feel light and airy having rid your homes and yards and basements and garages and yards and wherever else you stored all that stuff!  And we made money!  Money to do stuff for our neighborhood.  Woopee!!  The weather wasn’t so bad either, only sprinkled a smidge and got windy a bit (a little precarious at times standing under large trees) but we had a blast.  So much so that Creston-Kenilworth and I committed ourselves (not psychologically, although it felt like it at times) to do it again next year!
Here’s what else you should know.  I chatted with our area crime prevention coordinator: Teri Poppino.  Super nice.  We chatted about having the area officer come to our meetings quarterly perhaps and give us the update about crime in our neighborhood.  Our area officer is Tony Zanetti.  I had contacted Teri about a homeless camp that is set up and she is like Janey on the Spot taking care of it with an officer who works specifically with transient issues.  So, if you are on Facebook and have seen the crime updates, that is courtesy of Teri.
The weather has turned chilly and leaves are abound.  Please remember to rake leaves. As one homeowner remarked: with trees comes tree responsibility.  Nobody likes small ponds/lakes around sewer drains.
You may have noticed that the building which A Higher Taste is in, is for sale. I spoke with the current owner and he said yes, they intend to leave, as they have outgrown the space.  Poo.  Because the space is a commercial kitchen for manufacturing food, the next owner will likely do something similar or perhaps it could be a restaurant, he said.  John also acknowledged that the building could be for sale for years, but their hope is to remain in the neighborhood.  I guess we’ll just have to wait and see.
I’ve got an email in to the City to schedule a time to meet with Commissioner Fritz about some issues that neighbors have addressed and also about economic development in our neighborhood.  Stay tuned.
Here are a few things that are going on around the neighborhood:
At Hip Chicks Do Wine (503) 234-3790:
Wine Swap on November 22 2-6 pm
Thanksgiving Day extravaganza Nov 28-30 15$, live music, taste up to 11 wines and appetizers
Hip Chick Holiday Market, Dec. 13 & 14 from 12-5 featuring local artisans, 5$ to taste wines, free to participate and not taste wines.
Pop and Paint, Dec. 21: you can paint a pic for 37$ and they supply wine and snacks
At Naomi’s Organic Farm Supply (503) 517-8551:
Annual Fall switcheroo tools/brands varieties.
Ever expanding variety of succulents
Still have garlic that you can plant through the end of the year
At Gigantic Brewing (503-208-3416):
The tap room and champagne lounge is open daily.  They say they have all the things necessary to make your drinking experience complete – taxidermy, a bladed weapon and a firearm!  
Trader Joe’s Fall Flyer just came out as well.
And, as always, check out Reed’s website for what’s going on on campus.
Do you have a suggestion for a meeting topic, email me.  Have a suggestion for a newsletter topic.  Email me.  Have a complaint, concern.  Want to shoot the breeze.  Email me.  
Reed Neighborhood Chair
Do you want to participate in the Shamrock Run?  Want to join a super team?  Email me at  I’ll tell you how.