The Reed Neighborhood Association (RNA) is recognized by the City of Portland Oregon as the official organization of the Reed neighborhood, a close-in residential area of 439 acres containing in its 1,963 households with 649 owner occupied and 1,237 rentals with a total of 4,399 residents, per 2010 census data. RNA is a member of the SouthEast Uplift Coalition of Neighborhoods (SEUL) which represents our interests to the city through the Office of Community & Civic Life (Civic Life).

Every resident, property owner and business owner within our boundaries is a voting member of the Reed Neighborhood Association. Participating in your Neighborhood Association is a great way to voice your opinion and help guide positive change close to your home.

Reed Neighborhood, Portland, Oregon

Current Board Members
Elected in September 2022
Chair, Mark MacLeod
Vice-Chair, Alexander Blair
Secretary, Anne Tillinghast
Treasurer,  Angela Gillette
Transportation & Land-Use & SE Uplift Rep, Nadyne Rosin
At-Large, Michael DiTullo
At-Large, Deena Fishbein
At-Large, Chase Gibbons
At-Large, Trey Hales
At-Large, Taylor Burgara
At-Large, Ronald Rosin

Past Board Members

RNA – Reed Neighborhood Association By-Laws


Board meetings are currently held every other month (Feb, Apr, etc.), on the 2nd Wednesday of the month, starting at 6:30 PM.  Location is subject to change and it is best to check the specific meet EVENT post.

Email us at board@reedneighborhood.org to inquire about additions to our meeting agenda.