Reed Neighborhood Meeting Agenda, Wed June 12, 2019


Wednesday,  June, 12 2019 |  Meet and Greet at 6:30, Meeting from 7:00 to 8:30 PM  

Reed College Performing Arts Building, Rm 131

We aim to hold a warm and encouraging space for community action and input. This is a place for neighbors to come together to address various issues and hopes for our neighborhood. The RNA is not here to act on behalf of neighbors, but rather to create a platform from which all neighbors can effectively work to improve REED neighborhood.

6:30 Meet and Greet

7:00: Welcome and Introductions (5 min)

7:05: Welcome new board members (10 min)

7:15: Communications/planning for August 4 picnic (30 min) 

     Set up picnic committee

7:45: Review, amend and vote on the meeting plan 

     Plan how/where to post

7:25: Reed Neighborhood Emergency Team (NET)  (20 min)

7:50: Land Use Report (5 min)

     (If no Land Use Rep, Chair would be the Land Use contact for public notices/direct people to monthly SEUL Land Use meeting)

7:55: Review and Approve last meeting’s Minutes (5 min)

8:00: Treasurer’s Report (5 min)

8:30: Adjourn