Minutes from Board Meeting 2.4.14

Reed Neighborhood Association Board Meeting

6:35 p.m., Tuesday, February 4, 2014 @ Tucker-Maxon Oral School (new location)

Present:  Doug Menely, Mark Gossage, Heather Fields, Lloyd Lemmermann, Kathy Truman, Marisha Childs, Kelly Fedderson, Gabe Headrick.


Meeting convened at 6:40 p.m., Quorum present


Prior to moving on to any agenda items, meeting minutes from October need to be approved.  Marisha brought this to the attention of the group.  Gabe motioned to approve the meeting minutes from October, Doug seconded.  All voted to approve.


Financials Update

  • Michelle not present, RNA has $2571.78 in account, unchanged from last report.
  • Doug discussed neighborhood clean-up with Eastmoreland to bring in additional revenue.


SE Uplift update

  • Kelly Fedderson present to discuss visioning.
    • Brainstorm flyer options
    • March 4th from 6-8, Tucker-Maxon in the gymnasium, kids welcome (Marisha will secure location…done).
    • Marisha moved to allow Kelly to spend no more than $300 of communications fund for visioning flyer.  Gabe seconded.  All in favor, no opposed.  Passed.


Reed College Update

  • Kevin Myers no present due to scheduling conflict, will likely send a representative in the future.


Website update

  • Mark discussed ideas from communicating with website person to steer traffic to our website.


Meeting Schedule

  • Should the meeting schedule change?  Mark and Gabe addressed the issue of meetings.  Marisha had the bylaws read the section regarding frequency of meetings.  Perhaps the meeting frequency should be changed?  Kelly suggested perhaps restyling the meetings into forum with invited guests or allowing neighbors to pick a topic to discuss.  Issue was tabled for now, maybe after the visioning it will have a more clear direction.


Land Use

  • Gabe needs a separate evening to discuss all the land-use/Renaissance home issues that are going on, but when to schedule it???
  • Lot at 33rd and Raymond is to be divided and built into three homes courtesy of Renaissance Homes.
    • Heather and Kathy are disappointed as both their homes are negatively impacted by some new homes which have gone up by Renaissance Homes.
    • Heather’s home is now eclipsed by a RenHome and no longer receives sunlight nor does her daughter’s room have the benefit of the moon-glow at night.
    • Kelly inquired about lot splitting limiting height requirements.
      • Gabe’s short answer => there is no mechanism for this.  The only other way is the Historic Preservation.  But this is not an immediate fix, rather long term, comprehensive plan.
        • Historic Preservation would require cataloging the area; what qualifies this are to meet the definition of a “historic district”? Size of land?  Style of house?  This would be a time consuming process and has pros and cons.
        • Kelly encouraged Gabe to connect with Robert McCollough of Eastmoreland as he seems to be connected with civic leaders.  Gabe knows Robert and acknowledged his connectedness, however Gabe also pointed out that although Robert has an ability to meet with people it has not yielded action.
    • Gabe encouraged looking at the Comprehensive Plan map app on the City’s website.


Publications in the BEE

  • Marisha mentioned she had communicated with someone at the Bee about publishing our calendar for meetings as a way to encourage greater neighbor participation.  The BEE said it would cost the regular advertising rate.  Since this meeting Michelle and Kevin have since provided me additional information that I could publish this information in the community calendar for FREE (always a good price!).


Meeting adjourned at 8:05 p.m.