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Reed Neighborhood Association General Meeting

6:30 p.m. Tuesday, July 9, 2013 @ Reed College, Eliot Hall

Present:Clyde Nichols, Kathy Nichols, Richard Osmun, Mark Gossage, Kevin Myers, Marisha Childs, Doug Menely, Gary Rickert, Carolyn Kay, Kessa Shipley, Cathy Cromett

Quorum present and verified by Mark Gossage, meeting called to order and commenced at 6:40 p.m.

 Before moving into the agenda items, Marisha addressed the issue of approving the meeting minutes from June needed to be voted on first. Mark motioned to approve the minutes from June, Doug seconded the motion. Minutes from June approved and will be sent as the final version to SEUL.

 Mark discussed Cathy’s efforts with the Neighborhood Clean-up and she has managed to get the word out at no cost to the Association. Kudos to Cathy.

o Kathy and Clyde also acknowledged that they have seen evidence of the work that has gone into notifying the neighborhood (they live by TJ’s).

 Discussion of Doug’s efforts with Grout Elementary School.

 Discussion of Neighborhood Visioning briefly, perhaps at Friendship Church??? Agenda items-

Financial Update  Michelle was not available

 $2807.20 in account


● Will be at Cody Park (which is at 34th and Raymond) September 7th

● Keep your eye out for the newsletter and more information/details courtesy of Kessa Shipley (thanks, Kessa!)

1Reed Update ● Kevin Myers was on hand to update what is going on at Reed.

You’ve probablynoticed the trees at 28th and Woodstock have been cut down. This is because a new pedestrian pathway is going in to the performing arts building which will be ADA accessible. With the opening of the new Bybee lightrail station, Reed is anticipating greater pedestrian traffic and the pedestrian pathway will accommodate this traffic. The pathway is expected to be completed by the start of classes this Fall.

● Also, September 21st is Reed Community Days, mark your calendars. There will be a 5k run through the neighborhood (chipped), tours of the performing arts building (which is anticipated to be completed by August 12), pancake feed.

Communications  Mark read the web statistics and posed the question of whether we want to do a

web board or post on the website?

 Confusion about the accuracy and possibility of multiple the websites was raised and discussed. Carolyn Kay mentioned the information she had seen on-line about the neighborhood clean-up had inaccurate information, Cathy mentioned some confusion Marisha experienced. Mark said he would contact Kelly Federson for clarification.

NEWSLETTER: Kessa will do a newsletter, Reed will print it. It will be put out via bulk mailer. The newsletter will cover as much information as possible. If you want something included in the newsletter, contact Kessa ASAP (linashipley@gmail.com)!!

Zoning  Richard Osmun addressed zone splitting concerns at 38th and Raymond. Mark

explained some zoning matters and constraints in dealing with the city.

 Gabe Headrick was not present to address this issue fully as the resident land use person.

 Richard asked about petitioning, Doug explained what has gone on up to date and Gabe’s involvement.

 Richard asked about protecting a tree and how to go about it; a dogwood at 38th and Raymond: Mark advised him to contact the Forest Service. **(I doubled checked this and it is the Portland City Council. There is a form you can fill out to


declare a tree on private or public property a Heritage Tree and it gets reviewed by the Urban Forestry Commission and the Portland City council. The deadline is May 1st. Go to www.portlandoregon.gov/parks and type in ‘heritage trees’ in the search and you can find more information and a free Heritage Tree guidebook.)

Neighborhood Clean-up  Cathy Cromett: All signs will be paid for. Cathy still looking for volunteers.

Cathy will be making scones, Starbucks will be donating coffee. It will be very organized. Lots of fun to volunteer because you just never know what people throw out. A sign will also be posted on the bulletin board at Trader Joe’s.

 Marisha will double check with Security Signs to see if they will be posting something on their board on Holgate after communications with them last week.

 Cathy reaffirmed volunteer commitments and will continue to post flyers around the neighborhood.

Neighborhood Visioning  Kelly Federson not present;

 Visioning discussed generally to those present. There was another article in the Bee recently, some neighbors seem to have read it.

Nuclear Reactor Tour  Kevin said he is ready, willing and able to do it, just basically waiting on us.

Doug moved to change the November 5th from a board meeting to a general meeting and we do the nuclear reactor tour on that date. Mark seconded the motion.

Doug moved to adjourn the meeting and Kevin seconded the motion. The meeting adjourned at 7:30p.m.



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