Bug Chicks!!

Looking for something else to do tomorrow with your kiddo?

Check out Amazing Arthropods, Tuesday, 1-2 p.m. (if you miss out at the first showing, you’ll have another opportunity at 2:30 p.m.) at the Sellwood-Moreland Library

Experience the incredible world of insects, spiders and their relatives! The Bug Chicks are two entomologists who teach about these exciting animals in a fun, interactive way using preserved specimens and live arthropods. This workshop explores the biology and importance these animals have on us and our environment while promoting STEM education and encouraging curiosity and respect of the natural world.

Tickets are FREE, available 30-minutes in advance. Presented by the Bug Chicks (http://thebugchicks.com/).

Have issues with tree removal?

The Urban Forestry Commission is convening a public hearing for the purpose of taking testimony about the Interim Mitigation Rule for tree removal. You can read the Interim Rule at www.portlandoregon.gov/trees/mitigation. The meeting will begin at 5:45 pm with a presentation from the City Forester that gives an overview of the Tree Code and Interim Rule. The meeting will adjourn at 8 pm. Please be prepared to submit your testimony in case we do not have time to hear your testimony.

Public hearing on the Interim Mitigation Rule for tree removal August 4, 2015 from 5:45 PM – 8 PM
1900 SW 4th Ave. Room 2500A
Portland, OR 97201

If you cannot make the hearing but would like to submit testimony, please send your written testimony to Mieke Keenan at mieke.keenan@portlandoregon.gov by September 9, 2015. If you have any questions about the Interim Mitigation Rule for tree removal, please contact Mike Keenan at 503-823-5779 or mieke.keenan@portlandoregon.gov.

View this public notice online at www.portlandoregon.gov/parks/ufc.

Movies in the Park is here!

While you are waiting for the movie to start, come check out our RNA table. We have a nifty scavenger hunt board for you to test your neighborhood knowledge. Just in case we run out of game boards at the movie, or maybe you didn’t pick one up at the movie but you want to get in on the action, you can download a copy here. Scavengerpdf  Reed College has even kicked in a prize…I can’t tell you this early in the game though, it would spoil it (which will be given away at the joint picnic in September).  This scavenger hunt will require you to think about some of the answers, too, these are not all easy-peasy…just saying.  Good luck and we hope  you enjoyed the movie.

Kickball, you in?

Does the idea of kickball intrigue you?  Have you seen people playing and thought, ‘if only I had a team to play with, a team that was near me.’  Well, now you can have both!  If our neighborhood can pull together enough bodies (kiddos included) we can get in on the action of kickball and play against other SE neighborhood teams.  If you are interested in a little competition (or maybe a lot of competition because you are uber competitive, that’s cool too) let me know.  Team forming now!

Reed Neighborhood Association Board Meeting

Reed Neighborhood Association will hold their monthly board meeting this Tuesday, July 14th at 6:30 pm. It will be located at the Reed College Performing Arts Center in room 130. Topics on the agenda include upcoming events like the neighborhood picnic and movie in the park, as well as budget, online communication, and community outreach. Please let us know of any concerns or topics you would like discussed.

The mermaid rides!

Today was the day for the block party street painting.  The weather was great.  It wasn’t too hot, and it wasn’t too cold, it was Goldilocks, just right.  It did try to make us believe rain was going to fall on us a few times, but fortunately, that never materialized.  Heather was out there the earliest at 6.  I needed a bit more zzz’s.  I was out there at 7:30, but I brought Heather a cup of coffee.  Then it was non-stop working on the working and painting and discussing and having creative license reinterpretations of our picture, more discussions of perspective and composition and lots of mixing of colors.  But, in the end, is something quite spectacular.  The intersection underwent quite a transformation (as did some hands).  We had plenty of great volunteers that showed up, some all day, some periodically throughout the day, to lend a helping hand.  Whatever amount of help they offered was appreciated.  Some showed up for food and that’s cool too.  The kids enjoyed having the opportunity to eat some vittles in the middle of the street, without those pesky cars.  Now, I am so tired.  You should come check this out.

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Hit and run at 60th and Holgate

The Police now think that the suspect vehicle who hit the lady at 60 & Holgate may have been either a motorcycle or a three wheeler. If you know someone (co-worker, neighbor) who usually drives one but isn’t now, or has the bike under a tarp in the back yard or garage, check into it further, if you can. If you suspect someone of being the driver in this hit and run, please get in touch with Crime Stoppers at the contact information listed below. They will look into it. Many times the case is cracked by bits of information coming in from members of the community. Keep your ears and eyes open, and send the information along.

The Portland Police Bureau, in cooperation with Crime Stoppers of Oregon, is asking for the public’s help to solve a hit and run to a pedestrian.

On Saturday July 4, 2015, at 9:58 p.m., East Precinct officers responded to the report of a pedestrian struck by a vehicle at Southeast 60th Avenue and Holgate Boulevard.

Officers and medical personnel arrived and located the victim, 60-year-old Marlene Popps, suffering from traumatic injuries. She was transported to a Portland hospital where she remains being treated for traumatic injuries.

A witness provided police with personal video that captured the crash in the distance.

The video is available for viewing at https://youtu.be/QXSAfkuh1O4

Information learned from social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter or YouTube should be shared as these tips may lead to the identification of a suspect or suspects. Links can be shared anonymously through Crime Stoppers.

Crime Stoppers is offering a cash reward of up to $1,000 for information, reported to Crime Stoppers, that leads to an arrest in this case, or any unsolved felony, and tipsters can remain anonymous.

Leave a Crime Stoppers tip online at http://crimestoppersoforegon.com/submit_online_tip.php text CRIMES (274637) and in the subject line put 823HELP, followed by the tip, or call 503-823-HELP (4357) and leave the tip information.

Visit http://www.tipsoft.com to download the Crime Stoppers App for the iPhone or Droid.


The Police now think that the suspect vehicle who hit the lady at 60 & Holgate may have been either a motorcycle or a three wheeler. If you know someone (co-worker, neighbor) who usually drives one but isn’t now, or has the bike under a tarp in the back yard or garage, check into it further, if you can. If you suspect someone of being the driver in this hit and run, please get in touch with Crime Stoppers at the contact information listed below. They will look into it. Many times the case is cracked by bits of information coming in from members of the community. Keep your ears and eyes open, and send the information along.

International sex trafficking and sextortion

Do you get the emails from Teri Poppino?  Teri is the crime liaison contact for our neighborhood.  If you would like to be on her email blast list, email her at Teri.Poppino@portlandoregon.gov  Teri is great about not spamming you and if at any point you feel like, ‘enough!’ just let her know, she can handle rejection and won’t take it personally.

Any way, I just received this email from Teri the other day that I will pass along to you.
The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) is seeking the public’s assistance to identify additional victims of convicted online predator Lucas Michael Chansler. Chansler, 31, formerly of St. Johns, Florida, was sentenced to 105 years in federal prison for engaging in an extortion scheme to produce child pornography. On August 13, 2014, Chansler pleaded guilty to nine counts of producing child pornography.

According to court testimony, Chansler targeted 350 minor victims in 26 different states throughout the United States, three Canadian provinces, and the United Kingdom. One hundred and nine victims have been positively identified.

The FBI is actively working to identify Chansler’s remaining victims. A list of 135 known screen names, including Myspace, Stickam, and AIM, he used while sexually extorting victims is attached to this release.

Court documents, from 2007 and continuing through January 8, 2010, show that Chansler transmitted threatening communications to hundreds of teen girls over the Internet. He transmitted these threats with the intent to extort photographs and webcam videos showing the victims exposing themselves and engaging in sexually explicit conduct. Chansler pretended to be a friend, acquaintance, or admirer of the victims on various social networking websites.

After gaining some measure of trust from a particular victim, Chansler would invite her to engage in a live video chat, and later would ask her to expose herself. Unbeknownst to the victim, he was recording the video session. Chansler often enticed his victims to expose themselves by showing a streaming video of a minor male exposing himself or engaging in sexually explicit behavior. If a victim did expose herself, he recorded it, and then demanded additional and more graphic images or webcam videos. He would inform the victim that if she did not comply, he would distribute the images and videos online, or send them to her family and friends.

Using information received from the parents of one victim and working with the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children (NCMEC), agents were able to identify Chansler and locate his residence. A federal search warrant was executed at the residence on January 8, 2010.

During an interview, Chansler stated that he used social networking sites to meet girls who ranged in age from 13 to 18. He stated that he targeted underage girls because adult women were “too smart” to fall for his scheme.

Forensic analysis of Chansler’s computer media revealed hundreds of folders labeled with the name of each victim. These folders contained personal information specific to the victims, as well as related chat logs and videos or digital photos. Many of the chat logs contained the threats Chansler had made to the victims. In several of the videos, the victims are seen crying and pleading with Chansler. In total, he had approximately 80,000 images and videos in his possession.

Assistant Director Joseph S. Campbell explains, “Sextortion is a growing threat both domestically and internationally. The devastating impact of these crimes on the victims, their families, and friends cannot be ignored. The FBI is committed to using our resources and leveraging law enforcement partnerships around the world to identify and arrest these criminals.”

“This case serves as an example that children anywhere can be targeted for sextortion and that the FBI remains committed to stopping this cycle of victimization and holding the criminals accountable,” said Campbell.

“I’m proud of the young girl and her parents for taking a stand against sexual exploitation by submitting the information to NCMEC’s CyberTipline,” said Linda Krieg, NCMEC’s acting CEO. “That one CyberTipline report, through the FBI’s investigation, turned out to be the tip of the iceberg involving a sophisticated child predator who allegedly victimized hundreds of children.”

If you have information that may help identify victims of Lucas Michael Chansler or believe you have been victimized by him, please learn more and complete our confidential questionnaire at FBI.gov/sextortion. You can also send a confidential e-mail to FBI.VICTIMASSISTANCE@IC.FBI.GOV, contact your local FBI Field Office, or call toll-free at 1-800-CALL-FBI (225-5324).

Note to media: There are a number of resources, including downloadable interviews with FBI agents and a sextortion victim, available athttps://www.fbi.gov/news/stories/2015/july/sextortion.

Other resources, including Chansler’s most common user ID’s, a fact sheet for parents, radio podcasts and a related article in Glamour Magazine are attached.

Downloadable file: Glamour – Sextortion Article
Downloadable file: Sextortion – Fact Sheet from National Center for Missing & Exploited Children
Downloadable file: Sextortion – FBI Fact Sheet
Downloadable file: Sextortion – Audio Podcast
Downloadable file: Chansler – Audio Podcast
Downloadable file: Chansler – Most Commonly Seen ID’s used

This press release is being sent on behalf of the FBI’s Office of Public Affairs as part of a national effort to educate the public, particularly parents, about the issue of “sextortion” as well as to identify other potential victims of Lucas Michael Chansler. As of now, the FBI has not identified any of Chansler’s victims as having come from Oregon, but approximately 240 victims remain unidentified.

Mayor and Commissioner Fish recruiting members for the new Public Utility Board

Maybe you could be the next member on this board.  The only way to do that is to apply…

Mayor Charlie Hales and Commissioner Nick Fish are recruiting members to serve on the newly formed public utility board (PUB). The 9-member board will strengthen transparency and oversight of our two public utilities: the Portland Water Bureau and Bureau of Environmental Services.

Portland’s two public utilities provide vital water, sewer, and stormwater services to the City. With over 1,000 highly skilled and dedicated employees, the bureaus are operationally and financially complex.

The first meetings of the PUB is scheduled for late August, including a series of briefings about the utilities’ operations before the fall budget season begins. The PUB will be supported by full-time staff from the independent City Budget Office.

Applications for PUB members will be accepted through July 10, 2015. We would appreciate your help in recruiting applicants for the PUB.

More information about the PUB, including application materials, is available on Commissioner Fish’s website atwww.portlandoregon.gov/fish/pub. If you have questions, please contact Asena Lawrence at (503) 823-3597.

Youth Service America Grant

Are you between the ages of 5-18 and have an idea that could make your community safer?  This is your opportunity to apply for a grant for $500 to make your idea a reality.  Here is the link to learn more about this grant.  The deadline is midnight August 10th, so get those creative synapses firing.  If you do apply, let me know what your idea is and I can post it here and on the RNA Facebook page, too.


Good luck.  So excited for you…